Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Made-up Games Part 2

They hold their feet together, and then move them around fast until some one's foot slips off.

I thought this was too clever. They brought their guitars in the kitchen and said, "Look, Mommy. We're playing violin."

Alexa LOVES to play in the sink. It's something she does very regularly. They were seventeen months old when they would first stand up on chairs in front of the sink and play for hours. Her favorite activities in the sink now are filling up cups with soap and scrubbing them out, and still simply filling up containers with water and dumping them from one into another.

I wasn't sure exactly what this one was but from their conversation, I guessed it had something to do with the play dough containers being being people and riding in their boats which are the glasses.

And, of course, I had to include a picture that I'm sure every mother has.....walking in your shoes. Awwwww!

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