Friday, June 12, 2009

Road Trip - Destination Kansas City, Missouri

At 9:00, an hour later than we had planned, we pulled from the driveway and started out on our ten hour trip to the Kansas City, Missouri area. I had the car stocked with Triscuits (Jared's favorite snack) dried fruit (Alexa's favorite snack) books, books on tape for everyone and drum sticks for Jared. We had a great time listening to the Wee Sing Dinasours CD which has be a favorite around our house ever since my sister gave it to them a few weeks ago.

The kids really do have a great time looking out the window at things, asking questions, singing (a very favorite pasttime for Alexa) and just talking with each other. They loved listening to the books on tape, and also reading books to each other. Many people are surprised when we tell them that we go on long car rides like this without a DVD player for the kids. I actually find it amazing that so many kids can't just entertain themselves, talk with family, or be curious with their surroundings. My kids love movies as much as any other kid, yet they are perfectly happy to do other things in the car as well. I just think they can't see the country pass by out the window as home whereas they can always watch a movie anytime.

Alexa and Jared's cookie face!

At the rest stops they had a great time gathering stones together which they called their horses, and making corrals for them.

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