Friday, June 12, 2009

Cernan Space Center

May 21

Today we went to the Cernan Space Center. The Space Center is a part of Triton College and houses a 100-seat dome theater that features star-filled planetarium shows, wraparound films, children's shows and laser light shows, along with a Space Hall and Star Store gift shop.

We went just expecting to look at the exhibits (favorites a models of Mars Rovers, space suits and missile) but were able to get in on a show. I was suprised at how the kids sat in our laps for an hour during the show considering it was basically a glorified slideshow, and the first film was about light pollution - not something most three year olds would want to watch.

Afterwards, we went to the museum shop and my mom bought them a kalidescope and a kit where you burn crystals in a metal mold. We went back to my mom's house for lunch, and the kids loved playing on her paino. Steve came home from his work trip today, so they were very excited about that.

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