Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh so cute three year olds

A little disclaimer about the playdough picture below - this should be included in the post below when I'm talking about reading the Earthquake book and doing the experiment; however, I'm having a real hard time learning how to post pictures where they should go within the text, so I'm giving up for now and just including it in this post.

May 13th

Today seemed all about making as big of a mess as possible. I know in my heart that it’s a good thing they like to explore everything in the house rather than simply be satisifted playing with designated toys, but it can be so frustrating sometimes when it seems like I spend the whole day picking up after them. They are still excited with our discussions about our upcoming trips, and wanted to pack most the morning. They took everything, and I mean wiped the refrigerator empty, from the fridge and put it inside the suitcase, including holding the egg container sideways and throwing it into the suitcase. Luckily, only two eggs broke. Alexa loved to say “Aunt LeeAnn will like this,” before throwing it into the suitcase

Some other cute things they did today was use the spaghetti as chopsticks, playing with their fishing game, sitting down and listening to the Wee Sing Dinosaur CD two times in a row as they looked at the book

Taking all the food from the refrigerator and packing it for their trip to Missouri. Saying Aunt
LeeAnn will like this.

Watching Liberty’s Kids while I take a shower.

Read part of Fly Homer Fly by Bill Peet but they wouldn’t listen for long. ,

We play wrestling and tickle monster.

They put their easel on the ground and pretend it is their ship.

Of course they both color themselves all over with marker.

Jared wants me to draw lots of trucks.

Read Oliver and the Monsters over and over. He tries to find the eyes. I thought he would take a nap with me on the bed while Alexa lay down but he just jumped on the bed, pulled in the blinds, unraveled the toilet paper and then shoved all his clothes through the castle.

Steve had worship team practice tonight, so he had to run in and out quickly. It’s always hard for them when their dad has to do that because they get so excited to play with him. At about 7:00 they watched a Winnie the Pooh DVD and then we had probably an hour long reading session before they were tired out. Since they run out of their room screaming and jumping on things, we’ve decided for our own sanity (Steve and I are definitely not people who have a whole lot of energy to run around at night like they do), to just keep reading to them until they feel tired. This honors our need to have some quiet time alone before bed, and the kid’s need to be really tired before they go to sleep. I really hate the idea of ever “making” them go to sleep but would rather help them develop a way to do quiet things before bed to slow their bodies down.

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