Friday, June 5, 2009

Playdough drums and Grandfather Tang


Once again, the morning started with the Wee Sing Dinosaurs CD and book over breakfast. In fact, they wanted to play it twice. I’m actually beginning to remember most of the names, too. They broke out the play dough shortly after and Jared wanted me to make some dough drums, cymbals and drum sticks. As I washed dishes, Jared would ask me over and over to push the play dough through the mold that shoots the dough out in long strings. He calls them his worms.

They had a longer DVD time then I would have liked today, but they really enjoyed several episodes of Liberty’s Kids. I can’t believe how much they love the show. Although they don’t understand everything, it’s surprising how much they remember.
They continually amuse me with their pretend play. Having twins is extremely difficult, especially two spirited children, but the times they play well and don’t fight are really precious. They adore playing a game where they take everything from the fridge and drop the items off in different places of the house. For a long time today, they also bend over Alexa’s dolls pretending to be dentists. They’d pry at the dolls’ mouths with nails and butter knives. I just love knowing that they will always be unschooled and will have hundreds of hours in play just like this over the years. If they are anything like me, I know they will soon be creating complicated little worlds of their own.
During lunch we read the Grandfather Tang’s story again and made pictures with the tangrams. Lately they’ve been going in spurts where we’ll read for almost an hour during lunch and then others where we read one or two books and then they want to jump down and play or read on their own.
We were going to go the Grau Mill today to feed bread to the ducks; however Alexa was super whiny and difficult after lunch and I knew she was tired. It just takes a lot to get her to sleep on her own. After some shouting on my part (I’m trying to work so hard on this. I don’t really shout that often and my goal is to help them work through problems instead of rushing into punishments or raising voices, but my patience gets a workout with the two of them. I always apologize afterwards and they are so cute to say “I forgive you, Mommy.” So after stepping out of the bathroom, I found Alexa asleep on the couch. I was able to coax Jared into snuggling with me on Steve’s and my bed, and we all took a good nap. The downside to this is that they stayed up until almost ten, and then Steve and I don’t get much alone time, but I try to get the rest where it comes.

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