Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I haven't been very successful in encouraging the kids to help me straighten. Some days are ok but most times all three of us get so involved in our different activities that it doesn't take long to undo an hour's worth of straightening. However, if there's anything at involves using cleaning liquids, my kids are right there begging to clean, especially Alexa. I think this goes along with her love of all things liquid: lotions, sprays and water.

Dusting is a favorite activity, especially if I let her spray Pledge on the wood surfaces. She also loves to spray window cleaner on the living room picture window. Jared's kinda so-so about the whole cleaning thing. Sometimes he'll ask for a rag, too, and join in, but a lot of times he'll just watch.

I've always tried to include them in the things that I do. When they were only twenty months old, they'd help me mop the kitchen floor. Yes, it does take longer, but if I tried to keep them away from me I'd be stopping and starting so many times because they always want to show me things or, more times than I'd like to admit, be fighting with each other about something. I love that they do get excited about helping many times and hope that trait stays with them as they grow older.

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