Friday, June 5, 2009

January 1-10 2009

Jan 1-10
I did have two weeks where I took more detailed notes of the things we did during the week, so here goes the first week;

We took down the tree and lights

Played with the USA puzzle

Played with play dough using the new pounding tools they received for Christmas

Make some cake in Alexa’s Easy Bake Oven

Watched Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, Horton Hears a Who, some episodes of the
History of Britain, Taking Words Factory and Code Word Caper, Reading Rainbow Desert episode

Listened and danced to Peter and the Wolf

Read several Curious George books, Oliver and the Monsters, Is there a Wocket in my Pocket?,

Playing with their new fire engine, ambulance and farm equipment

Reading: An Early American Christmas, The Holy Spirit in You, Magic School Bus Makes a Rainbow, Magic School Bus and the Solar System, Sanji the Baker, Winnie the Pooh Welcomes Winter, The Day the Little Children Came, Anansi the Spider, A Pair of Socks (math bag), Getting the Know the World’s Greatest Artists Van Gogh and Leonardo di Vinci.

Playing with sticker books

Alexa playing with her new makeup

Going ice skating

Grammy coming over dressed as a snow leopard and Alexa being scared

Learning the Five Penny’s song from the movie

Singing Christmas carols

Playing with Rudolph snow globes

Playing with their new Sponge Painting Kit

Hiding in their new tent and pretending they are sailing on the ocean, spinning round and round in the office chair

Cute quotes : Alexa “I’m going to read this book from beginning to end.”
Jared as he enters a room where we had been laughing, being loud, or really making any kind of noise, “What’s going on in here?’
Alexa “Go away, Mommy (or whoever), when she is going to do something that she knows I won’t like taking an open bottle of ketchup up the new carpet or shoving toys down the vent.

Playing with the pieces from my Carcassonne game

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