Friday, June 5, 2009

Jared's first professional haircut

May 9

Well, today we were going to go to Steve’s brother’s house to celebrate their kid’s birthdays. Three kids have birthdays in April and one in May, so we usually combine the celebrations into one day. However, we received news that their son, Johnny, who is five, was knocked off a slide and broke his arm in two places. The breaks were so bad that he will need surgery this Tuesday.
So, needless to say, the celebration is off for now. I feel so bad for them now. I would be going crazy if it was Jared. I remember being so scared when Jared gashed his chin open at 20 months when he tripped and fell on the wood floor in their bedroom. Thankfully, they just sealed up the cut with a type of glue, but it came close to needing stitches. So, we used to time to take care of errands like buying the cousins birthday presents at Toy R US (Playmobils and a DS game), picking up some perfume for Steve’s mom for Mother’s Day (the kids loved sitting on those little vehicles you put money in and they vibrate or move back and forth. The thing is we never put money in them and they get just as much fun out of crawling in and out of them and pretending to drive them. They even had a yellow school bus there which Alexa and Jared loved to call their Magic School Bus), and getting a haircut for Jared.

Jared was sooooo adorable when he got his hair cut. It was the first time getting it cut at a professional hair solon. The girl who cut his hair (who is my hairdresser) made a big fuss over him and she had an assistant watching who also made a big fuss over him, too. He just ate up the attention. He particularly liked the Oreo she gave him at the end. She was kind enough to give a cookie to Alexa, too. Both girls keep commenting how quiet they were, which is funny since they are very active children. However, in new situations, they tend to freeze up, get very quiet and observant, and stay that way until they get more comfortable. Steve and I have given Jared haircuts in the past, but his hair is so curly that we usually end up chopping it up badly. It’s really short and I miss the longer curls, but now his hair will grow out more evenly.

We picked up some things at Jewel for dinner and then Steve barbequed a pork rib dinner for dinner. As a little pre-treat for Mother’s Day, I choose some spinach dip and Hawaiian bread to go along with the meat and sweet corn. It was a nice evening to play outside, so they we able to run around quite a bit before dinner.

Jared did better with his bath today. The kids have always liked taking a bath since they were babies; however, Jared has recently started crying when he goes in the bath. We try to make it extremely quick, and then when it’s over and I’m drying him off, he starts screaming to go back in. He’s always had many extremely strange quirks. Like, if you go up his nose to wipe a booger out, he cries to have it put back in and won’t stop until you do. This morning while outside with Steve, he was throwing a temper tantrum because Steve took the car out of the garage. No reason other than he wanted the car inside the garage. They don’t really understand fully the concept of why yet (and I’m so excited for them to ask me all the why questions! Seriously, not sarcastically), so it’s difficult when you ask them why they are upset for them to explain. Other quirky things: he need his shirt sleeves to be absolutely straight when his coat is put on, a few years ago when he still drank from a bottle, if you gave him the bottle, he’d throw it on the ground and scream, and then you’d have to replace the nipple with another nipple before he’d take a drink. It didn’t matter which nipple you’d initially put on either.

Alexa has a few quirky things too. Lately she loves to eat dried pasta. She’ll just sit with a box in her hand and much away for a long time. We also call her our little tattoo artists since almost every single day she need to decorate herself everywhere, I mean face legs arms, hands, everywhere, with markers. Jared used to never want to draw, but in the past two months he seems almost obsessed with drawing as much as Alexa, who has always loved to write and draw since about fourteen months. I can’t wait to in which other ways they develop into unique people.

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