Friday, June 5, 2009

February - April 28th 2009

Feb – April 28th 2008

Sherwood Music Conservatory at Columbia College – musical petting zoo where they could try out the xylophone, trumpet, violin, flute, clarinet, watching a mini-concert of a piano, cello and drums

Adler Planetarium – models of solar system, 3-D movie Fly me to the moon, driving a remote Mars rover

Art – lots of painting, drawing with crayons in bathtub, painting with food colored shaving cream, drawing hundreds of drawings on the easel in the hallway, lots of play dough creations

Indoor Playground in LaGrange

Shedd Aquarium – highlight was the sharks in the Wild Reef exhibit

Music – Alexa loves, loves, loves playing CDs, tons of playing drums on pots to the sounds of

Oldies Music (some songs on CD are Johnny be Good, Blue Moon, Get a Job, Pretty Woman), playing guitar on their own and with Steve

Art Institute – looking at the Bill Peet illustrations exhibit, looking at some Impressionist
paintings, watching a short children’s concert

LaGrange Outdoor Park

Granddad’s birthday – building a Cootie bug, the exercise bike

Family Crown Play Lab at the Field Museum and Egypt exhibit – crawling through play logs, picking pretend corn, brushing off fossils, playing musical instruments found round the world, playing with Wedgits

Having flour fights

Running through mud puddles

DuPage Children’s Museum – Light pegs and using light to draw on walls, stringing beads, climbing in pretend castles, water and bubble table, above ground tunnel, shapes on dry erase board, Colorforms

Khol’s Children’s Museum – Play Domink’s store, water table, farm exhibit

Jack and Steve’s Birthday party

Reading: Highlight was Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and lots of Bill Peet books

Dino exhibit at the Brookfield Zoo

Easter – egg hunt in Amys’ backyard, getting pretend cell phones

Jared using Steve’s tools to “fix” his bike

Climbing the tall bushes in the back yard

Reptile Fest – petting snakes, bearded dragons, iguanas, and a 15 foot alligator

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