Monday, June 22, 2009

Outside Play Part 1

I just love the summertime. Actually, I've been becoming really fond of springtime, too, but this year has been particularly rainy, so we haven't been outside as much. I really do need to buy raincoats and boots for the kids and stop letting the weather get in the way of our outdoor fun. It's nice to have another area for the kids to explore. The beginning of the summertime is usually great because they can rediscover all the things they did last year.

So far they've really enjoyed running around with the butterfly nets, throwing the Frisbees, trying to climb the bushes in back (they call that area their forest), and riding tricycles on the asphalt in back. Jared just started peddling the tricycle about two weeks ago! The trikes we have are pretty cheap, so you have to push pretty hard on the pedals if you have even a slightest incline, so I think that's discouraged them both from using the pedals for a long time. They were very fast just using their legs, so using the pedals slowed them down.

Look for a part two to this post really soon, as I have lots more outside fun pictures to download soon and write about.

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