Friday, June 5, 2009

Dentist Day

May 11th

Today’s big event was going to the dentist. They’ve been once before, and really didn’t seem that nervous. In fact they love to play dentist at home quite often. Alexa will get Jared’s pretend drill from his tool chest and “drill” my teeth and then I have to “drill” her teeth. She also scrapes her doll’s teeth with a screwdriver. They also love to play with floss as well. Mostly, they love to unravel the entire thing and drag it all over the house, but once in a while they really use the floss. We were expecting them to put up a fight, though, when the dentist went into their mouths, but to our great surprise, they sat there perfectly still.

They each sat on Steve’s lap and seemed to love the sunglasses the dentist put over their eyes. Jared kind of choked for a little bit when the water went down his throat when his teeth were polished, but other than that they didn’t make a sound. Afterwards, they were so excited to get two matchbox cars to take home, as well as stickers and new toothbrushes. Alexa wouldn’t let me take her toothbrush but insisted on carrying it all the way home and then brushing her teeth the moment we got in the door.

Books we read today: Sophie and Lou, The Popcorn Book, The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, Oliver and the Monsters, It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, and The Mystery of Windy Meadow (a 45 page book read four times in a row!)

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