Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alexa and the Mic

Alexa has always loved to sing. Even before she started singing a lot, she has loved listening to music, particularly nursery rhymes. We had a few months where every evening when she laid down to sleep, I'd have to put in the Wee Sing Nursery Rhymes CD.  We also bought several large nursery rhymes collections which she would pour over for hours. I think this really made a difference in her learning how to read as well.

Sometimes, we will go to church with Steve when he practices for worship team. Jared always loves when he's allowed to play on the drum set, and Alexa loves being able to talk and sing into the mic. I'm not sure why we haven't thought of this before, but we realized that Steve had a microphone, so we hooked it up to the radio/speakers upstairs and showed Alexa. She was absolutely in love with the fact that she could play her nursery rhymes CD and sing along on a real microphone! 

Steve and Jared joined in to accompany her.

And then Jared had to have his own turn, as much as he could get before she tried to rip the microphone out of his hands!  I've heard it said that, when they are very young, you can always get at least a little glimpse when your children will be like when they are older. I wonder if music will play a large role in either Jared or Alexa's life, or if they just have a great love of music right now just like so many other little children do. I do know that with unschooling they will have large blocks of time to devote to music if they so choose. That really does give me such a warm feeling when I think about that!

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