Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas Cookies

While we were in Walgreens one evening, I ran across this cookie decorating kit. It came with a Christmas tree cookie cutter (we had the star one at home already), frosting, food coloring and the ingredients to make the cookie dough. Now, I know I could have pieced all this together on my own, but I am all about things that are fast and simply lately.

The kids are little experts already at helping with cooking and baking since they almost always request to help me during dinner or when I'm making something. They stuck with me during the dough-making process, helped a little with using the cookie cutters, but sort of drifted off after a few minutes of putting on the frosting. This surprised me because I would have thought the frosting would have been the most fun part of the project.  Alexa stayed longer than Jared.

Jared did come back when we painted the food coloring on the frosting, but wandered off after a while to do this....

Alexa worked on a few more cookies, and then I was left to finish the decorating myself. But, of course, they came back in the end to help with the eating!

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