Friday, January 8, 2010

Curious George's Birthday

The kids love birthday parties, even if the birthday is not their own. They love blowing out the candles and eating cake and opening presents. So, I asked if they wanted to have a birthday party for one of their stuffed animals, and they were immediately excited. That's how it came to be Curious George's birthday on November 18th.

First, they helped me make the cupcakes. They both enjoy cooking with me. Jared especially is always up for baking something sweet. They can crack eggs open by themselves now without getting the shell in the bowl, and have started using the mixer by themselves, too. Of course, stirring and mixing have always been two of their favorite parts of cooking.

Then I wrote up some invitations with their help. We passed them out to the other stuffed animals they wanted to invite to George's party.

Then it was time for the birthday monkey to arrive. We placed him at the head of the table, and then I lit the candles. The kids took it all very seriously, like a real birthday party.

Before the party, we had wrapped up some presents for George. Jared helped him open the box.

Then the best part of all. Eating the cupcakes!

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