Thursday, January 7, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

We've always carved our pumpkins the week before Halloween. Even before we had kids, we instituted this as a long-standing family tradition. Somehow, we've also fallen into the habit of naming our pumpkins a name starting with the letter H. So far we've had Harold, Henry, Jorge (I know, not technically an H), Herbert, Henrietta, Harriet, and this year was Horatio. Alexa named her pumpkin Ariel and Jared, who has a flair for the unusual, named his Bag Mama.

Another thing we do, which I'm sure will become a yearly tradition, is read stories around the lighted pumpkins before going to bed, and sing "Happy Birthday" to the pumpkins. The singing "Happy Birthday" started last year when they were two. Jared started singing that song the first time we lit the pumpkins. We have so many birthdays in October, so he just started associating lighting candles with birthdays.

I absolutly love the pictures below of Steve and the kids taken while carving the pumpkins.

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