Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grammy's Birthday

Well, I don't think she would like it if I printed her age in a public fomat like a blog, so I won't, but we celebrated my mom's birthday in the middle of October. We met at my sister's house, and really had a wonderful time. It turned out to be a pretty windy and cold day, otherwise we would have gone to Blackberry Farm like we did this year, but it really turned out better, I think, to hang out at a house where we had more time to sit around and chat.

Alexa had a great time walking around house taking pictures. I've included my two favorite below.

My sister's son received a doctor set for his birthday, and Alexa really, really liked playing with it. My brother humored her for a while, letting her doctor him up, while of course still looking at his phone.

After all the cake and presents were done, we headed to the garage for some painting. At Blackberry Farm last year, the kids had picked out their own pumpkins and painted them. Since we couldn't go this year, my mom bought pumpkins and paints so we could do it at the house. I think Alexa was a bit more into the activity than Jared, but still, they had a good time.

What captured Jared's attention was his cousin's new trampouline set filled with balls.

I just had to include the picture below. Isn't Jared so darn cute?

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