Friday, January 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

For the first and only year I've been married to Steve (which will be 7 in June), all the kids in his family have been together on Thanksgiving Day. His sister and brother-in-law just moved back from China where they had been for the past 6 years, his other sister is home from college now, and his brother was able to make it with his family this year, something that has never been able to happen in the past.

The kids were in absolute heaven with thier cousins. They simply adore them. I think they like to feel like they are one of the "big kids." They ran around screaming, laughing and loving every second of thier Thanksgiving. They even sat for longer than usual at the table with everyone before bounding off their seats to play.

Hopefully you can see some of that joy reflected in the pictures I've posted below.

It's so nice now that the kids are older. I feel like I can sit down and have a long conversation with others without worrying about feeding, changing, or entertaining the kids. But also part of me feels bad because I get caught up in conversations, and before I know it hours have gone by and I realize I haven't even played with the kids or even talked to them that much for a while. I guess it will feel more and more like that the older they get.

After dinner we sat around in a circle and named things for which we were thankful. When it came around to Jared's turn, he said, "I'm thankful for my sweet, sweet, butt."  His favorite word is butt.

I thanked God for my wonderful husband who works so hard that I can stay home with the kids and for his love.

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