Friday, January 8, 2010

Fun Activities from November and December 2009

I'll write a longer post about Alexa's intense interest in music, particularly singing, but for now I wanted to include a few cute music pictures, especially the one with Steve playing and singing with the kids.

The kids have really enjoyed the snow so far this year. I'm going to write a post about the first snow and sledding trip, but I decided to post the pictures of their first snowman of the year here. Steve worked with them to build this.

The kids fluctuate on whether they're into painting, and for the past three of four months they've not wanted to paint that much. Then within the past two week, they've produced more painting then they have in the past six months! I'm particularly surprised that it's mainly Jared asking every day to get the paints out. This is from a kid who would cry for his first two and a half years of life whenever he'd get paint on any part of his body.

They'll sit for an hour just painting. I have pictures all over the kitchen, living room and hall walls. They just love to point out their new painting to Steve when he comes home. I think they're very proud that I display them on the living room walls and not just tacked up to the refrigerator all the time.

Alexa loves to watch old home movies. The kids recently watched one that showed them at a year and a half playing with flour, sugar, and rice. So now they've been on a kick with wanting me to set out those ingredients to play with. They usually like to mix the sugar, rice and flour together with water to make dough, or to pretend they are cooking dinner. They always want me to taste their creations, too, something I could definitley pass on.

I love this last picture of Jared. He put the empty wrapping paper tubes on his arms and said he was a robot.

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