Friday, January 8, 2010

Fun Activities in November and December of 2009 part 3

This was a combo game of train and drums.

Jared has had a growing love of all things Potato Head. We were so thrilled to find this Play-Dough Potato Head set to put in his stocking this Christmas. Here is the first of their Potato Head creations (helped out by Steve) made the day after Christmas.

This kind of goes along with their dressing up phase, but they also love putting on their swim suits, standing on the coffee table, which they call their diving board, and jumping off. Then they pretend to swim in the ocean.

One of Alexa's favorite Christmas presents was her new tea set. The week after Steve went back to work, we had a tea party together first thing in the morning.

Jared is perfectily happy taking all his tubes of pirates, knights and dragons, coyboys and Indians, and Egyptians and lining them up on the coffee table, floor, bed........

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