Friday, January 8, 2010

Oak Park Conservatory

On November 11th, we met up with my friend M and her son J at the Oak Park Conservatory.  We've visited the conservatory one other time with Steve when the kids were about twenty months old. They have programs for kids in thier Exploration Station every Saturday morning, and I had thought this day, Veterens' Day, was a special day, but I was wrong. Still, the hour that we had there was just right.

It's a much smaller conservatory than the Garfield Park Conservatory, with only three small rooms to visit.  Alexa seemed a little more interested in looking at the flowers than she had a few years ago. Jared still mainly like running up and down the paths, although he did stop to play with J and the pumpkins for a while.

My mom went with us so that let me have a bit more time to talk with M.

I think the animals, definitley won out over the plants and flowers as being the favorite things to look at. There are many birds in cages as well as a coy pond and turtles.

Before we left, the kids checked out the Exploration Table which was basically just a place to pick up a magnifying glass (which Jared liked) and to color (which Alexa liked). Jared, always wanting to beat on everything with a stick, quickly found a long reed and played drums on the chunks of tree bark laid out.

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