Monday, January 25, 2010

Celebrating Christmas with the Cousins

Since we were not able to get together on Christmas Eve with Steve's brother and family, we met up with them the week after Christmas. The kids LOVE thier cousins, aunt and uncle. It's so great to visit a house where I know the kids will be just as loud as mine, and I won't have to worry about it.

They received really nice gifts from their cousins. Both kids loved thier Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads with tons of accessories. In fact just last night (Jan 25th), we were playing with them. The kids made up a country which they call Metagorgia. I was the queen (they dressed me up, including putting lip gloss all over my face), and we dressed up the Potato Heads to be warriors to protect us against the evil Two-Face (they had just watched a Batman movie the night before). Alexa also received play-dough and a necklace, and Jared loved the addition of more Indians/Cowboys.

Jared was enthralled with his cousin's new drum set and was really upset when we had to leave. He played on it for quite some time there, and he has been asking ever since about buying him a drum set. He's wanted one for a while, but now it's become a daily request. We are trying hard to come up with extra money to get him one, but even junior drum sets can be quite costly. Hopefully, by his birthday he will have one.

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