Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve, we go to Steve's parents house to celebrate. We would trade off Christmas Day with my parents, but Steve's brother is never able to do that, so it's become tradition to celebrate the night before Christmas at Grandma and Granddad's house.

This year the kids were very, very disappointed their cousins (from Steve's brother) did not come. We really played them seeing their cousins up a lot, and they were so excited and talked about it for days beforehand. We adults did the best we could to play with them and make the evening as fun as possible.

After a delicious dinner, we let the kids open one present before heading over to look at Steve's sister's new home.

Then, after we returned, we started the present-opening in earnest. Here were some of the kid's  favorite gifts of the evening:

Jared is so into Mr. Potato Head lately, and he also loves Spider-Man. When he ripped open this Spider-Man Mr. Potato Head he yelled out, "I really wanted this!"

As you can see, the kids had just as much fun helping everyone else open up their presents.

It's also a tradition for us to have a candle time. Twelve days before Christmas we light a candle every evening, which is  placed in one of the holes around a six-point star, and sing Christmas carols. On Christmas Eve, we also read the story of Jesus' birth from the Bible, and act out the story.

Alexa played an angel, and Jared played one of the shepherds. He was so adorable when he'd run up to everyone in the room, throw up his arms, and say, "Jesus is born!"

During the singing, he loved using the popcorn tin as a drum and banging away.

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